Is There A Fun Way For Kids To Learn Coding?


It’s a known fact that coding is the future. That is why every parent/mentor wants kids to learn the remarkably beneficial skill and increase their chances of having a secure future. As surprising as it may seem, coding for kids has become widely common, making the best coding classes for kids online and otherwise extremely popular.

However, unlike most other skills, programming can be too complicated to learn through the conventional teaching style. For something as advanced as coding, you need to have engaging methods for learning to keep young learners interested in the said concept that goes beyond a teacher giving lectures.

In other words, the best coding classes for kids do not cut it when it comes to teaching computer languages to young minds. This is where a fun approach to familiarizing kids with coding is needed, and what else can that be if not using engrossing games to catch kids’ attention?

Coding Games: The Ultimate Way of Learning to Code

Traditional lectures on coding for kids scratch the surface (barely so) when getting children to learn to code. That is why coding games have become incredibly famous, not to mention abundant, giving parents a wide variety of choices for their young learners.

While having a plethora of coding games to acquaint your child with coding may seem useful, it can become overwhelming, especially if someone doesn’t know much about programming. Naturally, with so many options to choose from, any parent can get dizzy scrolling through the endless games.

Keeping that in mind, we decided to share some of the most outstanding names among all coding names so that you can choose the best one for your child.

Kodable, Move the Turtle, and Lightbot (For Ages 4+)

If your child loves to spend time on the phone playing different games, they will enjoy trying either of the three games. Kodable, Move The Turtle, and Lightbot are three fundamental coding games with an interface and complexity level similar to a regular computer game but with programming languages.

Playing any of the three games will enable your kid to interact with a computer and instruct it to do as they please, which is more than the scope of a simple mobile or computer game.

Lego Mindstorms (For Ages 10+)

Is your kid a lego aficionado? If so, they will love playing Lego Mindstorms. As the name suggests, Lego Mindstorms deals with building legos using codes that will listen to commands and respond accordingly.

Lego Mindstorms enables kids to whisk up robots using something they love dearly, aka legos, and blow life into their creations using codes. Doing so results in responding robots that young player develops.

If Lego Mindstorms doesn’t excite you and incite you to usher your kid into the world of computer coding, then what will?! And to be fair, how can it not? After all, it combines two things every child loves, legos and robots!

Code Combat (For Ages 8+)

Is your kid a Harry Porter fan? If so, they will appreciate Code Combat more than any other game as it allows players to be pretend-wizards and use spells to control the avatars on screen.

A player becomes a wizard and uses codes in JavaScript to instruct commands, making every on-screen character work accordingly.

Code Combat has the oldest trope in the book where a user has to defeat enemies, fight monsters, go around mazes and ultimately rescue the princess. The only difference between the said game and others is codes; as in Code Combat, players have to put in computer codes to get things going.

Minecraft Mods

Minecraft is a wildly popular Mojang video game, loved by almost every video game buff. While it has plenty to offer as is for enthusiasts, it can get boring after a while, especially if a user is skilled enough to get through the different stages quickly. If that’s the case with your child, perhaps it’s time for them to dabble a bit in Minecraft coding for kids.

Minecraft mods or modifications are changes users can make in the game to make the play more enjoyable and challenging for themselves. Simply put, if you want your kid to modify Minecraft for themselves and enhance the gameplay, you should get them involved in Minecraft modding using mods.

Minecraft mods are downloadable code-run setups that players use to alter the game according to their liking. However, they may be challenging to operate for the inexperienced. Minecraft modding requires an advanced skill level.

This means if your child is only getting into the world of programming, perhaps they should start with something a little more basic, such as Move The Turtle. Once they have acquired enough experience and knowledge, they can go on to try their hand at Minecraft modding.

 Ending Note

If you want your young one to be a coding expert later in life, get them into the best coding classes for kids at an early age. And arguably, the best way to do so is by exposing them to exciting coding games like this article mentioned.

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