How to prepare your kids for online/e-learning education

Online Learning was mostly an alien concept before the Coronavirus pandemic hit the planet. Suddenly, children around the globe were being asked to stay home and switch to online classes. Most schools canceled final exams and assignments were to be submitted online as well. A lot of students initially faced huge problems mostly because most of them were not well equipped to take online classes. This gave parents a huge dilemma as to how to overcome these problems. Converting your homes into classrooms is not an easy task. What’s more difficult is to get your children to focus on the online learning sessions without being too distracted. Here are a few steps on how to help your child prepare for online learning.

1.      Designating A Proper Study Place

First and foremost, it is extremely important to set up a place for your child where he/she can sit daily to study online without being distracted. Make sure this place is away from their toys or a TV so that they can focus properly on their studies. Provide all essential books and stationery to your child at this place and check to see if it’s not too cluttered.

2.      Designating A Proper Study Time

Setting up a specific time of day is important for your child to help him in learning better. If you set up a specific time window for each day for their learning, your child will know subconsciously when it is time to leave everything else and get back to studying. It’s important to keep them focused so don’t give in to their nagging for more playtime when it’s time to study.

3.      Sit Down During Learning Hours

With online learning, a lot of children face the problem of not getting the chance to get their questions answered properly by a tutor or teacher. This is where you come in. Make sure learning hours are set at a time when you’re free yourself, so you can sit down with your kid and help them step by step in learning. Guidance goes a long way when children are at a learning age.

4.      Set Due Dates And Deadlines

Your children need to learn exactly how they are taught in school. Set up proper due dates for your children so they don’t spend too much time trying to learn a single subject. With a set of deadlines, children are encouraged to grasp things quicker and learn things quicker than usual. With due dates and deadlines, also set up specific days for each subject, so that the children divide their time in all directions properly.

5.      Playtime Is Important

Online learning tends to get boring after a while because children can’t enjoy studying with other classmates and friends. This is why playtime is specifically important so that the children can ease their minds and get physical exercise. With that being said, physical exercise and sports are also important for children who are going to school, because its refreshes the mind and helps them unload their stress.

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