Odyssey of the Mind | Team Matryoshka

16h 29m 59s
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January 28, 2022
16h 29m 59s
January 28, 2022

About Course


The Odyssey of the Mind program is based on the premise that creativity can be taught.

Try and think of anyone who fits any of these descriptions . . . the talented student that is “naturally” creative; the student whose talents require nurturing; the student who does not think of herself as creative, but feels she is “different” than her peers; or the student with untapped potential but no outlet for it to thrive? Odyssey of the Mind provides that outlet in an environment where almost every type of student will thrive.

The program can provide much more than teaching students how to think: it augments the lessons taught in the classroom and allows students to apply what they’ve learned to different situations. In this time of budgetary cutbacks in the arts and other important areas, students can continue to learn art, music, creative writing, acting, and just about whatever else they’re interested in through incorporating those subjects into their long-term problem solution.

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  • Oh no, it’s a trap! Or is it? In this problem, teams will design and build a structure made of only balsa wood and glue, if desired, that holds as much weight as possible after it is used to trap a moving object. However, an oblivious character will unwittingly avoid traps it does not recognize in a humorous performance. The performance will also include a narrator character that alerts the audience to the action and the traps.

Topics for this course

6 Lessons16h 29m 59s


How to Solve the Project Problem00:02:48
Our Long Term Competitive Problem00:07:08
Lesson-1 by Odyssey Academy | What is OM ?00:22:22
Program Schedule & Calendar

Dec-18 | About the Project | Virtual

Who the Course is For

  • Selected 7 Students of the program.

Material Includes

  • All the materials will be collated and gathered by the parents of the kids with a collaborative donation or items. Parents will receive a notification in January post storyboarding what materials are needed and how much it would cost.

What Will I Learn?

  • The Program OM (Odyssey of the Minds) fosters group and individual:
  • Creative Problem-Solving which involves vital challenges and learning experiences such as developing trust, leadership, initiative, cooperation and communication skills.
  • Allows students to work with others and provides them with the opportunity to learn creative problem solving, brainstorming, and teamwork.
  • Participation in Odyssey of the Mind is a memorable experience for the team members.

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