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Thanks to our passionate educators, Wevun Global has educated thousands of Kids to be smarter in what they do. 

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Why Become a Teacher with Wevun Global ?

Flexible Earnings

Flexible Earnings with your classes from the comfort of your home, institute or backyard. And Ofcourse, per your schedule

Easy Payments

Paypal, E-Check or Bank Transfers, whatever you prefer. It's easy to get your money to you.


Motivated Kids and learners who have decided and chosen you to be their instructor for their education.

FEATURED educators

Socialize with featured or partner educators to increase your brand and class value.

brand marketing

Get published in Wevun Monthly Magazine and Yearly Instructor Giveaways and Prizes.



Wevun is the fastest-growing marketplace of live online classes for kids. this is where we connect Learners, Parents and Passionate Educators to create interest-based small groups that take place over video meetings.

“We take the hassle out of driving your child to classes. We offer live video courses for kids that are offered by passionate educators. There’s no need to go and find Instructors on social media, just do a search and find the classes you are looking for on Wevun.

Whether you’re learning music or art skills, the courses are varied in topics from maths, science all the way down to fun activities like building a virtual world on Minecraft.

With discounts offered by partnering brands such as Abcmouse, Crayola, Adventure Academy, Schoolmasks, Lego and many others, students with an exciting thirst for knowledge will have plenty of options when browsing through these engaging videos at their convenience 24/7 without ever having to leave their own homes–no matter what age they may be! 

Wevun provides Teachers the world class platform to list, organize, advertise and promote your online classes. This also includes:

  1. Beautiful organization of your online classes
  2. Kid’s friendly Social Networking Platform
  3. Efficient and secured payment gateway
  4. Class Discussion groups which are private to paid members
  5. Social Media & Wevun Advertising of your courses
  6. Access to our community of learners and parents
  7. Access to the group of Passionate Educators to grow your classes and partner with
  8. Integrated Zoom to offer Live classes
  9. Secured drive to upload your paid content and reuse it on Wevun
  10. Partner benefits for Teachers from Lego, Crayola, Disney and others


  1. Ability to provide your own certificationa
  2. Assign Gradebooks of your classes for parents to understand in depth about the progress of their kids
  3. Integrated Google Classroom
  4. Featured Instructors
  5. Coming Soon – 3 Months Free subscription to Wevun Jr. Magazine

Absolutely! We believe that education can be rewarding irrespective of the credentials you have. Wevun doesn’t require you to be a professional teacher or have credentials to teach. What we need is the passionate educator who is a resident of USA, CA and India with skills which will be helpful for kids. We also require a criminal background check before your teaching application is approved.

An individual or an organization who is a resident of USA, CA and India with teaching passion and approved criminal background check.

We encourage all our teachers to teach subjects or topics which you are really passionate about and have experience with. If you have taught these topics before, that will help you earn more students & eventually money on Wevun. On Wevun we welcome all our teachers to offer classes from different topics and subject. Learn more here how to prepare your classes to get more students and Brand attraction.

Wevun has a very intuitive front end interface to list your courses. We have received a great feedback from our Instructors that it’s super easy and takes 5 minutes to upload a course. However, if you still would like to take a course on how to list your courses, you can see our detail resource guide here.

It’s FREE, YES REALLY FREE to list your classes on Wevun. Once you apply to be an instructor, we start your background check and the moment check is approved and validated, you get access to your Instructor Dashboard to list your courses for FREE. Once your courses are Live, Wevun marketing team starts promoting your courses to our community of students. Once your course starts selling, at that time we take a 30% service fee from each of the enrollment.

This means Wevun only gets paid when our team of awesome marketers succeed in bringing you the learners for your classes.

On Wevun it’s the Instructors who decide the listed price of a class or a course. Our educators can also decide what is the maximum number of students you would want for your class to be enrolled. Once the enrolled number of students reaches the threshold, Wevun will not take more enrollments to safeguard your brand and your time. Once you list your prices, Wevun take 30% service fee and pays the rest of the amount to your withdrawal method. Wevun supports Paypal, E-Check & Direct Bank Transfer as Withdrawal methods.

Depending on type of courses you offer, you can ask Wevun to provide you 1099. Once we issue the 1099 you will be responsible for your own taxes on the income you have generated on Wevun.

This is something which varies depending on so many things. We encourage you to speak with your Lawyer and Accountant to understand if you are eligible to teach on Wevun.

Click the Orange Question Mark in the bottom right corner of your screen. Once it’s opened, click the Tickets tab in the bottom and raise your question.