Online Coding Summer Camp For Kids

Online Coding Classes


Online Coding Camp for Kids. ​Give your kids an opportunity to kick start their interest in Programming! Come participate in our Online Camp! Students will learn programming fundamentals with Scratch and Python and will learn how to create a simple HTML/CSS website from start to finish!
They will learn key concepts such as:

  • Data Types and Variables
  • Condition statements
  • Events and Controls
  • HTML/CSS elements

And more…

How will this work?

  • Join our Cloud Classroom via video conference from the comfort of your home
  • Build your knowledge base at your own pace as you gain valuable skills
  • Full support is provided from our mentors and/or fellow heroes
  • Advance through our program and become Superhero Coder
  • While switching to completely remote learning at schools can be very uncomfortable for some families, it is also a great opportunity to gain 21st Century Skills.
  • Most of the modern companies have been using telecommute for their employees and hiring talent overseas to take advantage of globalization, increase their efficiency, and reduce stress associated with traffic.
  • There is no doubt that remote work is going to become a mainstream in a very near future, giving our kids more opportunities and possibilities.
  • So why not take advantage of the situation and have your kids start learning 21st century most demanding skills, such as Programming, while preparing for the workspace of the future – ONLINE!
  • Our online instructors take your kids interests and show them how to thrive in a world that’s being drastically reshaped by technology. Our approach is completely unique and tailored to you. If your kids never written a line of code, designed an app, or made a video game, why not start now!

Who will they learn from?

  • We recruit the same carefully-vetted talent that companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon are on the constant lookout

Raising the bar:

  • When your child attends Wevun Coding Classes, they are learning from the tutors who have been “coder kids” themselves and can relate to your child.
  • Our company has spent over 5 years perfecting the curriculum:
  • Top talent recruited from elite universities
  • Thorough background and reference checks
  • Online Coaching

Additional information


Mon-Fri (9:00AM – 12:00PM), Mon-Fri (12:00PM – 03:00PM), Mon-Fri (03:00PM – 06:00PM)


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  • Windows or MacOS Laptop with at least 8 GB of RAM

Camp Schedule:

  • Classes are held in 3 schedules everyday in Eastern Time Zone between 9:00AM to 6:00PM
  • The camp is a 5 Day program (15Hrs of Coding Classes)
  • Kids receive 10 Minutes Break after first 1.5 Hrs of class schedule
  • Each class is 3 hour long. There are three schedules to choose from
    • Morning (9:00AM – 12:00PM)
    • Afternoon (12:00PM – 03:00PM)
    • Evening (03:00PM – 06:00PM)

Learning to code can be difficult, but so is learning karate, gymnastics, or playing piano. Consistent practice, week after week, is how you become a great programmer. Our flexible student-paced programs build upon main principles of programming, game design, and robotics. This is then reinforced with hands-on practice of newly learned skills